How the DNA Appliance Works

Our bones seem like they’re solid and fixed. The truth is that they are not: they can still grow and reshape in response to stimuli. Especially when that stimuli is helping them to achieve unrealized potential. All of us have the genetic potential to develop an open airway that helps us breathe more easily day and night. However, for many reasons, not everyone achieves this potential.

The Daytime/Nighttime Appliance (DNA) for sleep apnea treatment does this. It applies controlled forces in precise ways to encourage the growth of your upper palate (the roof of your mouth). The principle is similar to braces, but the goals and exact techniques are different. Since the upper palate defines the shape and size of your airway, this expands your airway. And since the upper and lower jaws fit together, it allows the lower jaw to move forward, accomplishing the goals of a mandibular advancement device.

Benefits of the DNA Appliance

dna oral applianceWith the DNA appliance, there are many potential benefits. Benefits that are responsible for its growing popularity include:

  • Longterm (sometimes permanent) elimination of sleep apnea
  • Correction of bite problems
  • Resolution of TMJ symptoms
  • Teeth straightening
  • Improved profile
  • Better nasal breathing both day and night
  • Elimination of nasal snoring

You aren’t just treating sleep apnea: you might be curing it. Along with it, you might be correcting a number of problems related to the shape and size of your jaw. This can include bite problems, TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorders) symptoms, crooked teeth, and even the shape of your profile.

Get the Best Results from Your DNA Appliance

The DNA appliance isn’t guaranteed to cure your sleep apnea, but it can. There are some things you can do to make that more likely. In addition to following all instructions for this therapy, you should take some steps to help make the appliance more effective. This can include techniques like:

  • Losing weight
  • Changing your sleep position
  • Avoiding alcohol too close to bedtime

In addition, Dr. Mike might recommend myofunctional therapy, which supports the goals of the DNA appliance. Depending on your anatomy and symptoms, you might do both at the same time or first one and then the other.

A Different Sleep Apnea Treatment in Columbus, OH

The DNA appliance stands out from other sleep apnea treatments because its goal is actually to cure the condition. Although it isn’t always successful, many people think it’s worth a try. The additional benefits might be worth it on their own.

To learn whether the DNA appliance is right for you, please call (614) 683-4640 today for a free consultation at Firouzian Sleep Wellness in Columbus, OH.