Lifestyle Remedies to Reduce Snoring

Important: before you attempt treating snoring at home, you should be tested for sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a potentially deadly condition that requires professional care. However, if you do have simple snoring, there are some things you can do at home to reduce its severity. In some cases, you might find you don’t need professional snoring treatment.

If you are a smoker, consider quitting. Smoking irritates your airway and can worsen your snoring. Smoking also increases your cardiovascular risks, so quitting now can help you stay healthy, too.

Sleeping on your back significantly worsens snoring. If you currently sleep on your back, try to teach yourself to sleep on your side. If you can’t simply change over, try sewing a pocket in the back of your pajama shirt. Put a tennis ball in the pocket to keep yourself from getting comfortable on your back. This can help train you to sleep on your side. (Note: comfortable side sleeping might require a different pillow.)

Allergens can make your snoring worse. Getting tested for allergies can help you understand whether dust, pet dander, or even certain foods are contributing to your snoring.

Alcohol can help you fall asleep, but it leads to worse sleep overall. It also makes snoring worse. Try to avoid alcohol too close to bedtime: allow at least two hours between bedtime and going to sleep.

Why OTC Snoring Treatments Don’t Work

Many people see ads for snoring treatments on TV or online. Or perhaps you notice how many over-the-counter (OTC) snoring treatments are on sale at your local drugstore. Unfortunately, these treatments generally don’t work.

The plain truth is that many of them aren’t designed to work. Either they use untested principles or they’re designed on sound principles but not manufactured to a standard that would allow them to effectively treat snoring. In fact, many of them will confess this on their packaging. Look at snoring drops and sprays and you’ll often find a disclaimer saying they’re not intended to treat a medical condition.

You might also have trouble finding the right snoring treatment for you. Each snoring treatment addresses one type of snoring, but if that’s not the type you have, you won’t get good results from that treatment.

Even when OTC snoring treatments are properly designed, they can’t be properly customized to you and your problem. Simple fitting like boil-and-bite appliances aren’t sufficient to customize your oral appliance. If it doesn’t fit, it won’t treat your snoring. In fact, it can be harmful because it puts your jaw in an unhealthy position.

Professional Snoring Treatment Works

On the other hand, Dr. Mike offers professional snoring treatment that is proven. The treatments are based on sound scientific principles and they’ve been tested for efficacy.

Dr. Mike will listen to your description of snoring, then perform an exam and necessary tests to determine what’s causing your snoring. He will then help you find the ideal snoring treatment for you. This might mean a referral to a doctor who deals with your type of snoring.

When appropriate, Dr. Mike will fit you with an anti-snoring appliance, commonly described as a night guard. This will help you breathe easily and quietly. It’s customized for comfort and to avoid causing bite problems. He might also recommend myofunctional therapy to further reduce the severity of your snoring.

Effective Snoring Treatment in Columbus, OH

If you are tired of snoring and tired of ineffective snoring remedies from the store, Dr. Mike can help. He can help you figure out the cause of your snoring and find an appropriate treatment that’s right for you. Customization of the treatment improves comfort and efficacy.

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